My name is Elaine Bossé and I am a UX designer based in Québec, Canada. I specialize in e-commerce and transactional interfaces.

I work with companies around the globe to better their understanding of their customers and improve the quality of their web presence. I can fire up your e-commerce to the next level by leveraging any of my skills and services. My past experiences, be it in agencies or in house, will convince you to hire me. Contact me without delay to see how we can work together!

What I do

As a UX Designer, I help you transform your online shop so it is more in line with your brand and so each of your client has an authentic and magical experience.

Plainly stated, I offer the following services for small and medium sized companies (SME) in full bloom:

  • Creation or customization of your Shopify shop or theme
  • Creation or customization of your WordPress site, shop or theme
  • Support in products, catalogs and content structure
  • Integration of your social networks to optimize brand impact
  • Google Analytics dashboards to keep an eye on your objectives

My approach for small and medium sized companies is centered on your needs and objectives, with a global vision of the technologies to be leveraged. Discover my services for SME in greater details here!

I also offer a vast array of services for B2B and big companies to complete your development team or help set your next rebranding up for success.

Latest article

Mockup fidelity: between design and web

The Web design industry is filled with terms such as wireframe and high-fidelity mockup. The fidelity level is a scale used to indicate how closely the final product will ressemble the visual presented. A low-fidelity mockup is the initial sketch, rough design idea while the high-fidelity one is a lot closer to the developed solution.…

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