My name is Elaine Bossé and I am a UX designer based in Québec, Canada. I specialize in e-commerce and transactional interfaces.

I work with companies around the globe to better their understanding of their customers and improve the quality of their web presence. I can fire up your e-commerce to the next level by leveraging any of my skills and services. My past experiences, be it in agencies or in house, will convince you to hire me. Contact me without delay to see how we can work together!


I am a UX designer with almost 10 years of experience in the Web industry: from project management to front-end development, I know how to talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Strong of my background in visual and graphic arts, I have a sharp pen and an even sharper mind. I can boil down complex ideas and bring a team together to find solutions to any interaction problem. I have rapid sketching skills and a keen eye for quality assurance.

If you are looking for someone to help you navigate through a website redesign or launch, act as a middlewoman between your corporation and your web agency or simply evaluate your current position while highlighting potential improvements, you found the right person.

Drop me a line or check out the projects I worked on.

All shoots by my amazingly talented friend Joncas / images.


You can contact me via LinkedIn or by email directly, or use the form below to drop me a line!