La Belle Blanche – branding & web

When the owners of a beautiful bicentenary house in my hometown Kamouraska decided to transform their home into a Bed & Breakfast, they reached out to me for their branding and website.

Elegant and minimalist

Those were the guidelines we followed when working on the branding for La Belle Blanche. Cutting the Côte Nord that we can see across the Saint-Lawrence River, the Île aux Corneilles (Crow’s Island) is part of Kamouraska’s littoral and the landscape admired every day by sightseers. By tracing this elegant and simple line, I created the essential part of their branding.

Simple and easy to use

When designing their website, it was important to keep that notion of simplicity and refinement. The website needed to be inviting and visually inspiring while presenting all necessary informations to reduce calls for questions.

We decided that sending an email asking for booking was enough, since the owners wanted to keep contacting their customers to confirm the stays as a way to welcome and thank them. Over the years, the website evolve into a more modern look but staying simple and full of pictures.

The photographs taken by the owners and myself reflect the warm and inviting ambiance of their house and the town surrounding it.



La Belle Blanche 

Branding, cards, WordPress website

Client since 2008

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