I am offering a completely tailored partnership to position your company on the growing electronic market. Depending on your needs and your budget, we can create together the solution to match your needs.

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Audit and recommandations report

A complete audit on your actual Website can help you better understand strong and weak points of your transactional ecosystem. The written report that will be produced will shed light on your current situation to enable a better focus during the redesign.

Competitive analysis or SWOT

A competitive analysis will compare and position your company according to your competitors, whether direct or indirect, depending on the market we will target together. The SWOT report will highlight Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to be fully prepared for the redesign project.

Customer journey

Customer journeys are the perfect way to have a high level idea of the way interactions happen between your clients and your company. Its reading will grant you vision of the places where you are winning your customers but also, and most importantly, where you might be losing them by creating frustrations. We will then work together to transform that journey into the best it can be.

Wireframing and prototyping

In the UX world, a wireframe is often worth more than a thousands words, and this hold especially true when working with web designers and development teams. Creating a visual and hierarchical structure for your website will improve navigation, comprehension and conversion. Designing for mobile first than adapting everything to fit larger screen is a great way to reduce time and costs, while prototyping can help everyone on board visualize the end goal and the final product, without having to way for the fully functioning demo. Interactive mockups and design will guide your development team with the help of minimal documentation.

User testing

Conception, application and supervision of user tests demands a high knowledge of your target customers as well as your product. They are a rich way to get insight without having to wait for the launch of the website. Established protocol creates a rigid environment for results and fosters the discovery of high level problems.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is done in form of acceptance testing, ie. the website is used in a way that will uncover problems during the development phase or right before the launch. In the best scenario, quality assurance will target multiple devices, browsers and environments that might be used by your customers.

Collaboration with your team or agency

Be it a traditional or Web agency, working in the old-school waterfall or new-generation Agile methodology, or be it your Web or marketing department, I can join that team and work with them to help you achieve great results.

If my services are interesting to your company, contact me now so we can discuss how I can help make your project a success.